Kastorian Youth Group

18th April 2022

Start your holidays by making other people happier!

We at the Kastorian Society have found a way to start our Holidays by making others happier by helping them!

During the most recent event, our Easter food drive on April 16th, some of our youth and their parents showed up to help with a humble eagerness.

Thank you to our volunteers!

After the Food Drive, our Youth/Dance Group during their Saturday lessons baked Lazarakia along with their teachers Mrs. Laura Ziogas and Mrs. Rania Kyriazou-Patsios, keeping the Easter traditions alive.

Lazarakia are small, sweet spice breads made in Greece on Lazarus Saturday, the Saturday that begins Holy Week. They are eaten to celebrate the miracle of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

Happy Easter on behalf of our Youth Group!