gouna4Fur Industry

The industry constitutes the most important economic activity in the region of Kastoria. The art of fur processing and the trade of fur products developed during the Byzantine era and since then, the region of Kastoria was evolved to the centre of the world interest in the fur trade sector and the unique centre of fur processing in Europe. The fur processing and trade constitutes the main source of income for the inhabitants of the region.

The development of the fur industry and the blooming of fur products’ trade had as a result since the 19th century, a great number of the region’s inhabitants to travel around the world, and to create lots of economically prosperous communities.

Today, in almost all, the big cities of the world, such as New York, Pari’s, Munich, Leipzig and others, there are people from Kastoria who supply the world market with beautiful samples of the art and technique of Kastoria.

The region of Kastoria, as one of the most important centres of fur production, processing and trade, world wide, constitutes one of the most important sectors of the Greek exporting trade and the National Economy. The art of the fur in ustry of Kastoria and its high standard samples are presented in international fairs. The international connections developed give to Kastoria a significant role in forming the world conditions that rule in the world fur market. The visitor in Kastoria can admire the beautiful samples of the fur art in many of the city shops and has the possibilityto buythem in attractive prices, certain for their unique quality.

The Association of Fur-Makers of Kastoria (Tel. 046722.353), organises each year, in spring since 1976, the Annual International Fur Exhibition at the Fur Show and Auction Room of Kastoria (tel. 046727.771), which constitutes one of the most important fur exhibitions with international fame and it is considered the greatest commercial event in the region of West Macedonia.

kotyliForest Economy

The forest infrastructure works in the forests of Kastoria resulted in a significant growth in wood production. The road construction works facilitate the wood trade, the exploitation of the wood products and form the appropriate conditions for the development of the mountain tourism as an activity and an income source, especially for the population of the mountainous regions.

The animal breeding despite the decrease in the number of sheep and goats, had a remarkable growth in the sectors of production, processing and trade of animal breeding products, such as meat, milk, wool, skins and diary product

The main agricultural products of the department are cereals, legumes, apples and gardening produces. Today, by applying all the modern production and development programmes, we observe an increase in the agricultural production per 1000 m’ and a parallel increase of the rural population’s income.

June 2024