1st March 2016

It is our pleasure to announce, with the approval of the President and the Board of Directors, the creation of a separate committee to coordinate the development of a Kastorian Data Base for the new Networking and Internship Program.

The intent of the Networking and Internship Data Base is to identify and categorize Kastorian Professionals and Business Leaders who may be interested in mentoring young Kastorians. An added benefit of this program could generate yearly Career Events hosted at the Society’s Cultural Center with the Kastorian Professionals, Business Leaders and Kastorian high school, college and young adults who are uncertain of what professions or occupations they might wish to pursue.

The first phase of this program is to distribute a letter to all of the membership to establish a data base of willing professionals to “host” internship programs within their offices. There will be no financial obligation to the professional but immeasurable benefit to the prospective intern. Once the data has been reviewed and documented it will be available on the Kastorian Website enabling the exchange of available positions and applicants.

It is an ambitious undertaking and we look forward to your input and participation.

“The Networking and Internship Committee”

Norman Glavas

Menelaos Toskos

Themis Vassiliou

Louie Vlahos