Thanksgiving Food Drive

22nd November 2022

Start your holidays by making other people happier.

We at the Kastorian Society have found a way to start our Holidays by making others happier and the simplest way to do this is by helping them and giving them things they really need.

We are able to do this thanks to a generous donation from one of our long time members, Mr. Michaltses ,who has donated to our Society $25,000.00 with the purpose of helping families that are in need.

The Society’s Special Fund Committee identifies families that are less fortunate and suffer due to financial hardship or other unfortunate circumstances. We, at the Youth/Dance group are happy to help.

Our Society has established the Thanksgiving and Christmas and Easter Food drives for many years now.    During the most recent event, our Thanksgiving drive on November 19th, some of our youth and their parents showed up to help with a humble eagerness to share humanity and make others happy.  Helping families in need and seeing smiles on their faces made for a rewarding experience. 

Thank you to all, for making these food drives a reality.